Personalised Pagan & Alternative Ceremonies

Pagan and Alternative Weddings and Handfasting Ceremonies, Funeral Rites and services - this is the stuff of magick and mystery, but most importantly, it's about the love people share.

People come in all shapes and sizes, backgrounds, lifestyles and beliefs - there is no 'one box fits all', and this extends to spirituality.

Pagan spirituality is about respect. Respect for the self, respect for others and respect for the natural world around us. As someone who identifies as spiritual, pagan, wiccan, shamanic, or one of the many other labels that sit under the umbrella term of Pagan, you may choose to celebrate your life, and even death, in ways that some may see as 'alternative'. But more and more, alternative ceremonies are being seen as not that alternative after all.

Examples of alternative ceremonies I perform include:

  • * Handfasting
  • * Handpartings/Divorce ceremonies
  • * Funeral rites, ceremonies or rituals
  • * Naming ceremonies & Wiccanings
  • * Same sex unions/Commitment ceremonies

    Celebrate your life's occasions in a way that has no regrets.