To Ivy Wed!

My name is Nicole and I am the face behind the IvyWed name.

I have been writing, participating in, and running public ceremony and rituals for over 12 years, and it is this experience and passion for ceremony celebration that I offer to my clients.

I am not a religious person, preferring the term 'spiritual' which to me is more personal and has a broader definition. I am a Pagan Ceremony Specialist, but I am not affiliated with one specific form of religion. I prefer to approach all with an open heart as well as an open mind. That said, I also respect that people may not feel the need for spirituality - a ceremony can still be meaningful and filled with love without it.

My goal as a celebrant is to work with you so that together, we can create a successful celebration - for you! I believe in the importance of honouring your own beliefs and ideals for these occasions, as this is a day specifically about you and your loved ones.

In my spare time I am a wife, mother, friend, hobby photographer, amateur artist, former florist and writer. I've worked in Aged care for many years, and mixed up those experiences with years of retail.

I love to read, I think I have more books than space to store them. If it's creative I will try it. If it can be read, I'll read it. And if it's funny, I will watch it.

Enjoy browsing my website. It is a work in progress and if you can't find information of what you require, please contact me to discuss your ideas.


Your ceremony designed so that your special day is uniquely you.

A customized wedding ceremony means that you have a chance to make your wedding ceremony a unique expression of all that you are to one another.


Honour the Dead, Celebrate Life.

So many people today fear or avoid talking about death. But to be organised puts most fears to rest long before the plans are ever needed.


Personalised Pagan and Alternative Ceremonies

Pagan and Alternative Weddings and Handfasting Ceremonies, Funeral Rites and services - this is the stuff of magick and mystery, but most importantly, it's about the love people share.