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To Ivy Wed!

My name is Nicole and I am the face behind the IvyWed name.

I have been writing, participating in, and running public ceremony and rituals for over 12 years, and it is this experience and passion for ceremony celebration that I offer to my clients.

I am not a religious person, preferring the term 'spiritual' which to me is more personal and has a broader definition. I am a Pagan Ceremony Specialist, but I am not affiliated with one specific form of religion. I prefer to approach all with an open heart as well as an open mind. That said, I also respect that people may not feel the need for spirituality - a ceremony can still be meaningful and filled with love without it.

My goal as a celebrant is to work with you so that together, we can create a successful celebration - for you! I believe in the importance of honouring your own beliefs and ideals for these occasions, as this is a day specifically about you and your loved ones.

In my spare time I am a wife, mother, friend, hobby photographer, amateur artist, former florist and writer. I've worked in Aged care for many years, and mixed up those experiences with years of retail.

I love to read, I think I have more books than space to store them. If it's creative I will try it. If it can be read, I'll read it. And if it's funny, I will watch it.

Enjoy browsing my website. It is a work in progress and if you can't find information of what you require, please contact me to discuss your ideas.