Lovers' Knot

Two Cords into one, the journey has just begun.

One of the most common mistakes I see is the confusion between The Lover's Knot and a Handfasting. These two ceremonies are NOT the same. In a Handfasting the cords are tied together by a third party - your celebrant, minister, high priest or priestess (for pagan ceremonies)

The Lover's knot is different. The mothers of the Bride and Groom hold a single cord, representing their son or daughter, for the majority if the ceremony. After the vows have been stated, the mothers hand the cords to the Bride and Groom, at which point the couple together tie a knot in the cord, making 2 cords into 1. This can be hung in the home as a reminder that the knot in the cord is the commitment to their vows. It can be undone at any time, because a marriage takes love and patience to work.

Another version of the Lover's Knot is that the Bride and groom hold the ends of a single cord / ribbon / rope (for those of you who are adventurous) - they then tie a knot in the one single piece, and pull it tight. Be warned this could turn in to a 'tug of war' with bridesmaids and groomsmen getting involved.

For a good look at how this ceremony works - have a look at

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