Rose Ceremony

A single bud, or multiple blooms, a rose says so much.

The Rose, with it's varieties of colour, appearance and fragrance, is one of the most commonly used flowers for expressing love and beauty in a wedding ceremony.

So often, people will think of flowers only for decoration. But why not include them in the ceremony itself? Exchanging a rose (or other favourite flower) is a wonderful way to show love for your new husband or wife. It can even be extended as a gift for mothers, fathers, grandparents or other special people. Presenting it as a suprise gift to your much loved special person will almost certainly produce a waterfall of happy tears - so I will have the tissues handy.

Below is one example of a Rose Ceremony.

Nicole: The rose, with its passionate red and nurturing green, has long been a flower of love. Both enchanting fragrance and sharp thorn hold the secret of love. A single red rose means the same thing to us now that it did for your ancestors - it means "I love you." So it is fitting that your first gift - as husband and wife - should be a single red rose.

Bride gives Groom a rose

Bride 'With this rose, I give you my heart. I give you my eternal love, fidelity, and trust.'

Groom repeats same or different words, and gives Bride rose.

Nicole: Bride and Groom, if everything else should pass from memory, remember this: it was love that brought you here today, and love that paves your road together. Love has joined you and love anoints your marriage. You must nourish your marriage with love each and every day, and it will bear you through any hardship; for there is no obstacle insurmountable, no achievement unattainable to the sincere and blessed union of two loving souls.

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