Sand Ceremony

Blend your love and your lives into a beautiful decorative piece.

A Unity Sand ceremony is not only for lovers of the beach, it can be for everyone. Incorporating a sand ceremony into your wedding is a romantic way to show the union of two hearts coming together. And when the ceremony is over, you have a beautiful piece to take home and add to your decor.

Why not have a Sand Ceremony and then place your Unity Candle in the newly mixed sand? The uses for this ceremony are only limited by your imagination.

You can use any container as a receptacle for the sand. Buy a new set of vases, pick up some in an op shop, use heirlooms from family, or ask someone to give it to you as a pre-wedding gift (bridal shower gift solved). As long as it means something to you, I can use it.

After the ceremony, I make sure that your vase & sand gets taken as carefully as possible to your reception venue, where it will sit on your bridal table.

This is an example of a Unity Sand Ceremony

Nicole: Bride and Groom, today you are making a commitment to share the rest of your lives with each other. This next step in your relationship is symbolised through the pouring together of these individual containers of sand. One represents you, Groom, and all that you are as a person. One represents you, Bride, and all that you are as person. As you each hold your separate container of sand, it symbolizes your lives before today.

Now I ask you to pour your sand into the centre vase and repeat after me:

The Groom & Bride combine their sands into the Unity Sand Bottle, and repeat the following:

You are my love for eternity. I blend with you. My heart is like these grains of sands, merging with yours. I am yours. You are mine. We are together forever like the sand, like the wind. We are one."

Groom repeats same or different words, and gives Bride rose.

Nicole: Just as these grains of sand can never be separated again, so may your lives be blended together for all eternity.

Here are two links for websites that stock both sand and the vases. I have sands, and bottles and vases that I have found - but if you prefer to purchase new, then this will help you in your search.



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