Unity Candle

Two flames become one, two lives joined in love.

Candles have a symbolism that cuts across cultures and religions. Most people can relate to the soft warm glow, and romantic atmosphere that comes with the image of a candle. So why not include that in your wedding ceremony?

There are so many ways you can incorporate you love of candles into your ceremony. From a Unity Candle to Rememberance Candles for loved ones, or just a simple single candle because you love them - the choice is yours.

Here's an example of just one type of Unity Candle Ceremony (Including the Mothers of the Bride and Groom)

Nicole: Although two people stand before everyone today, it is because of their families that they have grown into the man and woman you know and love. As a mother, you have been there from the moment your child was born, through pregnancy and childbirth, and now, today, it is time for you to pass the light of the family over to your children as they continue on as husband and wife. _______ and _______, mothers of the Bride and Groom, I ask you to now come forward and light the taper candles for the Unity Candle Ceremony. The two individual flames, one representing each family, will demonstrate to us - in a very beautiful way - the symbol of two who become one, uniting in marriage, and uniting both families.

Mothers light the Unity Candle

Nicole: Bride and Groom, now is the time to light the centre candle, the candle that represents your life continuing on as a married couple. Your thoughts shall be for each other rather than for your selves. Your plans shall be mutual; joys and sorrows shall be shared. For now you walk together, side by side, instead of alone.

Bride, Groom light the Unity Candle

Nicole: Rather than extinguish their individual candles, Bride and Groom have chosen to leave them burn alongside the Unity Candle, as a reminder that this marriage is made up of two distinct individuals who have chosen to unite today. Every year, on you anniversary, light your candle as you celebrate each year that passes. Reflect on how far you have come, as individuals and as a couple. And remember always the love that bought you here today. May the warmth and radiance from this flame guide you through every day of your future together.

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