Wedding Ceremonies

Your ceremony designed so that your special day is uniquely you.

A customized wedding ceremony means that you have a chance to make your wedding ceremony a unique expression of all that you are to one another.

From Traditional or Non-denominational to Alternative or Spiritual.

Does it all sound a bit daunting? Do you know exactly what you want, or maybe you have no clue where to start? It is my job to be there for you, and help to create the ceremony that compliments that special day you have dreamed of.

Choices of:

  • * Style of ceremony
  • * Wording of the ceremony
  • * Inclusions (eg. Unity Candle, Sand Ceremony, Lover's Knot etc)
  • * Readings and/or Poems

These ceremonies are as numerous as your thoughts, I believe in the importance of honouring your own beliefs and ideals for these occasions, as this is a day specifically about you for you and your loved ones to always remember.

Ideas For You


Some ideas for the special words of your union.

Unity Candle

Unite you both together symbolically, lighting one flame with your two individual flames.

Rose Ceremony

Honour the blending of your families by presenting a rose to you mothers.

Sand Ceremony

Blend two lives into one with the mixing of sands.

Wine Ceremony

Toast for the future happiness of your marriage.

Ring Blessing

Bless the symbols of your union that you wear with this special ceremony.

Lovers' Knot

Literally Tie the Knot, binding physically as well as symbolically.


Some ideas to get others involved in your special day by reading special passages.